Azpects - Hard landscaping made EASY

Algae Remove & Seal Clean, kill and seal in one application ◆ Unique 2-in-1 formula ◆ Removes algae without scrubbing or power washing ◆ Prevents algae returning for up to 12 months ◆ Ideal for fencing, patios, decking, walls and garden furniture ◆ 3 litres ready-to-use Salt Remover Removes salt deposits from bricks and concrete ◆ Salt stain neutraliser for walls, paths, block driveways ◆ Prevents salt from reappearing ◆ Biodegradable - water-based, contains no hydrochloric or citric acids ◆ Rapid action and easy-to-use ◆ Low odour ◆ 3 litres ready-to-use For calcium deposits use EASYMortar Stain & Calcium Remover Deep Clean Cleans stone, decking, tiles and PVC frames ◆ Powerful strength cleaner - can be used neat or diluted ◆ Removes stubborn greasy stains and soiling ◆ Fast, effective and surfaces stay cleaner for longer ◆ Contains no acid - ideal for use on most surfaces ◆ Easy to use ◆ 5 litres NEW NEW