Azpects - Hard landscaping made EASY

23 ◆Non film-forming breathable technology ◆Repels oil, grease and water ◆Resists algae and fungal growth ◆Keeps joints cleaner ◆3 litres seals up to 36m2 based on one coat Invisible long-lasting protection Porcelain Sealer ◆Seals and protects slabs and pavers ◆Provides long-lasting resistance to water, oil, dirt and grime ◆Resists algae and fungal growth ◆Water-based for clean and safe use ◆Impregnating sealer, apply second coat wet-on-wet ◆3 litres seals up to 20m2 based on one coat Maintain a great looking patio for longer Patio Seal & Protect For usage please refer to Sealer Chart p18 S E A L I N G & P R O T E C T I N G