Azpects - Hard landscaping made EASY

27 C L E A N I N G & C A R I N G ◆Organic formula dissolves and neutralises salts for long-lasting results ◆Prevents salt deposits returning ◆Simply apply, leave for 2 hours, then wash away ◆1 litre super concentrate cleans up to 60m2 For calcium deposits use EASYMortar Stain & Calcium Remover Remove salt stains from brickwork Efflorescence Remover+ Mortar Stain & Calcium Remover Easy-to-use cleaner for unsightly cement residue ◆Powerful action removes cement residue, scale, oxidisation and calcium deposits ◆Easy to apply with no need to neutralise after use ◆Perfect for removing cement residue from tools ◆1 litre cleans up to 60m2