Azpects - Hard landscaping made EASY

21 S E A L I N G & P R O T E C T I N G ◆Revolutionary formula improves thermal properties of treated surface ◆Prevents water ingress to porous brickwork, masonry and timber, while allowing moisture to escape ◆Allows surface to dry and breathe ◆Suitable for wall and floor applications ◆Forms an invisible long-lasting barrier ◆5 litres seals up to 25m2 based on one coat Water Seal+ Helps to dry out wet walls and increases thermal qualities ◆Specially formulated for sandstone and other natural stone ◆Enriches and enhances colour without shine ◆Injects life back into paths, patios and driveways ◆Protects and seals against water, oil and grease ◆Resists algae and fungal growth ◆Water-based impregnating sealer, apply second coat wet-on-wet ◆5 litres seals up to 25m2 based on one coat 2-in-1 colour protector Sandstone Enhancer & Sealer