Back to Black Limestone


Back to Black Limestone

Back to Black Limestone

Restore rich black tones to natural limestone paving

  • Quickly revives and enhances faded dark limestone
  • Provides a strong and uniform colour enhancement
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Single coat provides a rich enhanced colour
  • 1 litre covers up to 40m2 based on one coat, depending on surface porosity

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Back to Black Limestone is a penetrating resin that transforms and exaggerates the look of Black Limestone while providing a stain and water-resistant surface. This product packs a big punch; a little goes a long way – a 1-litre bottle covers up to 40m², subject to the porosity of the stone.


Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

Step 1. Sweep

Brush away leaves and debris.

Step 2. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 3. Apply

Apply an even coat with a paint pad.

Top Tip! Treat one paving slab at a time.

Step 4. Dry

Remove excess with a lint-free cloth. Buff the surface to remove all shine.

Step 5. Finish

Allow 24 hours minimum before walking or driving on the treated surface. Increase to at least 48 hours in cold, damp conditions.



Once dry, the product is pet-safe.

This is due to over-application and happens due to not buffing enough excess off. Contact Azpects for further information.

Yes, surfaces need to be clean and free from surface contaminants.

If it rains before the product dries, it will create a patchy finish. Please get in touch with azpects for further information.

One bottle of Back to Black Limestone will cover at least 40m2. However, some paving will absorb more, therefore increasing the amount required. It is best practice to use as little as possible for the best results and apply as a two coat system.

Back to Black Limestone can only be used on black limestone.

You must apply back to black limestone to a completely dry surface.