Porcelain Sealer


Porcelain Sealer

Invisible long-lasting protection

  • Non film-forming breathable technology
  • Repels oil, grease and water
  • Resists algae and fungal growth
  • Keeps joints cleaner
  • 3 litres seals up to 36m2 based on one coat, depending on surface porosity

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Porcelain Sealer delivers long-lasting protection and helps keep porcelain paving and tiles looking their best.

Its professional-grade formula produces an invisible layer which repels water, oil, grease and grime whilst resisting the growth of algae and moss.

Porcelain Sealer can be applied to any unglazed porcelain paving or tiles used on floors, walls, paths or patios. Ensure the area is clean, apply with a paint pad or brush, and allow to dry.

Installation Guide

Step 1. Sweep

Brush away leaves and debris.

Step 2. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 3. Apply

Apply an even coat with a paint pad, roller, or garden sprayer.

Step 4. Dry

Remove pooling by mopping up excess product.

Top Tip! Water repellence and stain resistance begin once the product has dried but may take up to 7 days to reach 100% performance.



Once dry, the product is pet-safe.

Yes, surfaces need to be clean.

It is best to apply a sealer to a dry surface.