Hardscape Cleaner


Hardscape Cleaner

Rejuvenate and protect stone surfaces

  • Super-strength cleaner for heavily soiled masonry, stone, paving and brickwork
  • Safe to use on all stone and concrete surfaces
  • Can also be used on fences and decking
  • Ready-to-use
  • 5 litres cleans up to 25m2

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 A high-performance, non-solvent, non-acid cleaner completely removes natural soiling from all porous building materials. Will not damage natural/sensitive stone. Results can be seen quickly, with improvements continuing for 24 hours. Generally revitalises all concrete and stone. Particularly effective on walls, floors, paths, fountains, monuments, block paving, and all other natural stone and concrete.

Installation Guide

Step 1. Sweep

Brush away leaves and debris.

Step 2. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 3. Dampen

Use clean water to dampen the surface to be treated.

Step 4. Apply

Apply a generous coat with a brush or roller.

Top Tip! 1 litre will treat 3m2 of heavy contamination or 5m2 of light contamination.

Step 5. Wait

Leave to work for 2 - 8 hours, depending on the level of contamination.

Step 6. Finish

Rinse thoroughly with clean running water using a hose and a stiff brush or a power washer.



Hardscape cleaner can be used on any surface.

There is a risk; care must be taken when applying or rinsing the product off.

Hardscape Cleaner will clean algae growth.