EASYGrout is a high-quality slurry grout for use on porcelain and most other paving materials.

EASYGrout mixes readily with water to give a highly flowable joint filling and grouting mortar ideal for use on floor surfaces where a high early strength, resilient, compact grout joint is needed, particularly in areas subject to early and sustained trafficking. It is available in three colours and is suitable for grouting joints internally and externally around ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiling and clay paving slabs, filling joints from 5mm up to 25mm wide with a minimum joint depth of 20mm.

Available in 15kg tubs and also packed in 3 x 5kg bags for more economic mixing - less waste.


The coverage of EASYGrout depends primarily upon the tile / slab dimensions and the joint width and depth.

The following table gives a rough guide as to what level of coverage can be achieved with 15kg of EASYGrout when used with the tile and joint dimension shown below:

length mm width mm depth mm joint width mm Area covered per 15kg
300 300 20 6 9.3
300 400 25 10 5.1
600 600 20 5 21.75
450 450 25 10 6.75

Brief usage instructions

The tiled surface should be pre-wet during grout application, avoiding any pooled areas before the mixed grout is poured over and spread into the open tile joints using a suitable rubber squeegee tool which allows the mortar to be readily spread and compacted into the open joints, moving any excess out across the surface to the next area of open joint, whilst using the squeegee to ensure the least possible mortar residue remains on the exposed tile face. Check back over all treated joints and spread back the mortar to top up sections where the mortar has slumped deeper into the joint, ensuring all are topped up to the level required.

How to store unused product

Keep the product sealed until use in dry, well ventilated conditions at ambient conditions and away from all sources of damp. When kept in its’ original sealed state in a permanently dry environment, this product will retain a shelf life of up to 12 months from date of manufacture. Do not store under water.


ISO 9001

FS 666936