EASYGrout  EASYGrout  EASYGrout

A high-quality slurry grout for use on porcelain.

  • Designed specifically for ceramic and porcelain tiles for a fine, textured finish.
  • A cementitious grout which is applied as a slurry unlike traditional floor tile grouts.
  • Easy to use. Simply mix, pour, sweep, and rinse.
  • Each tub contains 3 x 5kg bags for minimal waste.
  • Coverage: up to 20m² (215ft²)* per tub
  • EASYGrout is available in a range of colours and is suitable for joints from 5mm to 25mm wide with a minimum depth of 20mm.

*Depending on joint dimension

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EASYGrout mixes readily with water to give a highly flowable joint filling, and grouting mortar ideal for use on interior and exterior tiled floor surfaces where a high early strength, resilient, compact grout joint is needed, particularly in areas subject to early and sustained trafficking.

It is not suitable for use on vertical surfaces. It is designed specifically for ceramic and porcelain tiles and is not recommended for use on natural stone. Natural stone and porous materials are particularly at risk from permanent discolouration.


Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

EASYGrout - Mix It

Step 1. Prepare

Tiles and joints should be clean and free from debris. Ensure tiles are dampened prior to grouting. Avoid standing water on the paving and in the joints.

EASYGrout - Rep-soak

Step 2. Mix

Add powder to clean, cold water. Using a powered paddle, slowly mix for 3-5 minutes to form a smooth, lump-free slurry.

Top Tip! Add an additional 100ml of water if grout is not flowable.

EASYGrout - Pour

Step 3. Apply

Either pour the slurry grout over a small area and spread into the joints using a rubber squeegee or pour along the grout-lines to minimise spread and clean-up.

Top Tip! Apply when tiles are cool to touch.

EASYGrout - Spread

Step 4. Clean

Remove as much grout residue as possible using the squeegee. Then, use a tilers sponge and bucket with a residue trap to remove any remaining grout residue remembering to change the cleaning water regularly. Be careful to avoid pulling out any grout.

EASYGrout - Top-up

Step 5. Finish

Once the grout has hardened, clean the tile surface thoroughly and any remaining grout or haze can be removed using Azpects Grout Residue Cleaner.



Yes, EASYGrout is an interior and exterior product.

Yes, EASYGrout is compatible with underfloor heating.

Yes, genarally, adding another 100mls of water will create a good slurry. Just make sure all mixes for the specific area are made equal.

This will be efflorescence hydrating to the surface. This can happen if there is too much water in the mix or left on the surface of the grout after final cleaning. The joint surface should be as dry as possible after application.

Its easy to do. Use EASYCare Grout Residue Cleaner *

* Not for use on natural stone

Staining can occur if the cleaning process is not carried out carefully. Therefore, it is important to change the cleaning water regularly.

The specified amount is 900ml per 5kg bag. You can use more or less water to make a slurry paste which flows freely. Please ensure each mix after that is consistent.

Using EASYGrout on any natural stone or concrete is not recommended due to the risk of staining.

Dark or patchy spots are a result of moisture in the joint. Colours will become more uniform as the joint dries out.

Depending on the aspect of the garden, algae can grow on surfaces, including joints. This can be cleaned using EASYCare Algae Remover.

White joints are caused by efflorescence, which hydrates as the grout dries. This can be cleaner with EASYCare Grout Residue Cleaner.

EASYGrout uses a very fine cement powder that can remain on the tile surface after cleaning but can be removed with EASYCare Grout Residue Cleaner.