A tough jointing compound for patios, paths and driveways

  • Perfect option for driveways and areas where water tolerance is required *
  • Extra strength and durability with a smoother finish
  • Tough two-part epoxy compound formula
  • Rated up to seven tonnes per square metre
  • Frost and ice resistance
  • 17kg tub

* Not suitable for standard block paving laid unbound with < 5mm joints

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EASYJoint PRO is a tough jointing compound for patios, paths and driveways. The two-part epoxy formula provides extra strength and durability with a smoother finish.


Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

Please note site conditions may vary, as such installation methods will differ.

Before you start - Joints must be at least 3mm wide and 20mm deep.

EASYJoint PRO - Pre-soak

Step 1. Pre-soak

Firstly, pre-soak the paving.

EASYJoint PRO - Mix

Step 2. Mix

Remove the bottle of resin activator from the EASYJoint PRO tub. Using a powered paddle, mix the sand for 1 minute, ensuring the sand is free flowing.

EASYJoint PRO - Pour

Step 3. Pour

Empty the contents of the activator bottle into the sand.

EASYJoint PRO - Mix

Step 4. Mix

Mix thoroughly for 6 minutes maximum until the mixture has a creamy consistency.

EASYJoint PRO - Add water

Step 5. Add water

Fill a 1/4 of the activator bottle up with clean water. Replace the lid and shake well. Then empty the contents into the mixed sand.

EASYJoint PRO - Mix

Step 6. Mix

Mix for a further 3 minutes to create a pourable slurry.

EASYJoint PRO - Pour

Step 7. Pour

Ensure the paving is still wet. Then, pour the tub contents over a small area of paving.

EASYJoint PRO - Spread

Step 8. Spread

Spread the slurry over the paving, working diagonally to the joints. Spray lightly with water to maintain a slurry consistency to aid sand movement..

EASYJoint PRO - Finish

Step 9. Finish

Sweep the paving to remove any leftover compound. Adding a fine mist to assist with the cleaning. DO NOT WASH THE SURFACE!

Top Tip! You can use a leaf blower to disperse fine sand grains.

A slight residue may remain, giving the paving an enhanced appearance. This will fade over time.



EASYJoint PRO is a two-part product where a resin is mixed with coated sand before use. EASYJoint is a single component compound.

EASYJoint PRO can be used on any paving type* however its strength and tolerance to water make it most suitable for driveways, commercial areas, areas with poor drainage and swimming pool terraces.

* Not suitable for standard block paving laid unbound with < 5mm joints

No, a chemical reaction starts once mixed, and the product will harden.

Light rain is not a problem however, prolonged heavy rain may weaken the epoxy and reduce its strength. It is recommended not to use the product if rain is a possibility. Areas should be covered if rain occurs before the product has cured.

Azpects EASYSealer Remover is a high strength stripper which will dissolve the epoxy residue. Care must be taken to avoid damage to surrounding areas including UPVC frames, artificial/real grass and plants when washing off this product.

Yes, a slight sheen may be left, but this will fade over time. Pre-sealing with reduce the amount of residue.

For coverage calculations, please refer to our online calculator here

Unlike standard EASYJoint, EASYJoint PRO does not require any specific site conditions. Once set, the joints are chemical and water tolerant.

Use the prescribed amount as per the in-tub instructions. Using too much water will weaken the epoxy and cause the residue to be sticky.

A slight sheen will be left in most cases, but this is only temporary and will fade. Pre-sealing with reduce the amount of residue.