Patio & Deck Cleaner


Patio & Deck Cleaner

Patio & Deck Cleaner

Effortlessly remove built-up grime from patios and decking.

  • Powerful formula quickly removes dirt from patios and decking
  • Professional strength and easy to rinse
  • Keeps cleaning for up to 12 months
  • Suitable for all exterior surfaces including stone, concrete and timber
  • 1 litre super concentrate cleans up to 140m2
  • Also available as a 3 litre bottle

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Patio & Deck Cleaner is a professional grade concentrate that is a fast and effective way of removing a heavy build-up of the most stubborn dirt and grime from paving, driveways and decking. This multi-purpose cleaner is also suitable for fences, sheds and other concrete, stone and wood items, such as ornaments and garden structures.


Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

Step 1. Sweep

Brush away leaves and debris.

Step 2. Shake

Shake well for 30 seconds before use.

Step 3. Dilute

Add 2 doses (200ml) to 5 litres of clean water and mix thoroughly.
Use 4-5 doses (400ml-500ml) in 5 litres of water for heavily contaminated areas.

Step 4. Apply

Apply to a dry surface using a garden sprayer, watering can, or brush. 1 litre of solution will clean 4-5m2.

Step 5. Wait

Scrub well with a stiff brush, then leave for 20-30 minutes. Do not allow the surface to dry out.

Step 6. Finish

Rinse thoroughly with a stiff brush and clean running water, or use a power washer.



A clever active ingredient stays in the paving. This reacts every time it rains and helps keep the area cleaner for longer.

Once dry, the product is pet-safe.

Yes, this product is suitable for all surface types.