Salt Remover


Salt Remover

Remove salt stains from brickwork

  • Organic formula dissolves and neutralises salts for long-lasting results
  • Prevents salt deposits returning
  • Simply apply, leave for 2 hours, then wash away
  • 3 litre ready to use

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Salt Remover is a non-acid chemical with the added advantage of neutralising the salts on and within the substrate, reducing the possibility of a re-occurrence of the white deposits.

What is efflorescence? 

The term is generally applied to any white deposit on paving, brickwork and cement. However, the white deposits can be one of many salt types, and different products are required to treat them.

If the deposit is fluffy and can be brushed or washed off, it is likely to be sodium based. The correct product for this is Salt Remover.

However, if the deposit on the surface is hard and doesn’t dissolve with water or will not easily brush off, it is likely to be calcium-based. For this problem, use Mortar Stain & Calcium Remover. This removes the white deposits but cannot prevent the possibility of re-occurrence.

Installation Guide

Step 1. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 2. Apply

Saturate the affected area using a garden sprayer, watering can or brush.

Step 3. Reapply

Leave to work for at least 1 hour, then reapply.

Step 4. Wait

Leave for 24 hours to allow deep penetration and neutralisation of the salts.

Step 5. Finish

After 24 hours, wash the surface using a hose, a stiff brush, or a power washer.



Salt Remover is a salt remover and works by encapsulating salt deposits often found on brick walls, allowing them to be rinsed away. Mortar Stain & Calcium Remover is an acid-based product which targets calcium-based efflorescence such as that found on newly laid natural stone paving and block-paved driveways.

The product can be diluted or used neat depending on application requirements.

Most chemical products have a 24 month shelf life.

Most chemical products have a 24 month shelf life.

Yes, although it’s worth checking this with the paving supplier in case it invalidates any terms and conditions.

An average coverage of 60m2 is achievable.