EASYClickBase EASYClickBase


  • A synthetic sub-base alternative to traditional methods.
  • It reduces the time, labour and costs of an installation.
  • A lightweight, simple interlocking system; easy to transport and ideal for areas with restricted access.

Halve your prep time with our EASY sub-base system. Traditional methods of laying paving and driveways requires significant excavation and subsequent costly disposal of residual materials, plus the import of expensive aggregates. EASYClickBase saves all these requirements whilst maintaining the integrity of the project.

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EASYClickBase is made from 100% recycled ABS Plastic

Did you know EASYClickBase is made from 100% recycled ABS plastic?

  • 320kg of ABS plastic is recycled into each 50m2 of EASYClickBase.
  • Any unused off cuts can then be fully recycled.
  • This is the only sustainable solution for a strong sub-base


EASYClickBase Benefits

How is EASYClickBase different to a traditional installation?

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For Driveways

For Patios


Features & Benefits

EASYClickBase Save


EASYClickBase significantly saves time, labour and the cost of an installation whilst maintaining the integrity of the project.

EASYClickBase Reduce


EASYClickBase reduced excavation by up to 80% in early test sites, and reduced the replacement aggregate by 75%.

EASYClickBase Recycle


EASYClickBase is a new way to create a stable sub-base, without the environmental impact.

Installation Guide

Please note site conditions may vary, as such installation methods will differ.


Remove just enough soil to achieve the desired height for the finished surface.

Top Tip! Only remove what is necessary.

EASYClickBase - Remove Soil


Grade the soil to set as level as possible.

Top Tip! Remember this step will save time and minimise aggregate.

EASYClickBase - Compact


Apply a thin layer of bedding aggregate to provide a level and stable surface.

Top Tip! Remember to allow for falls.

EASYClickBase - Level


Lay the EASYClickBase in a brick bond pattern.

Top Tip! Make sure the connection points are clean, free of debris, smooth and flush. Remember to listen for the “click”.

EASYClickBase - Lay


Lay the desired slabs, blocks, bricks or paving.

Top Tip! A 6mm bead of EASYAdhesive on the perimeter of the tile is ideal.

EASYClickBase - Apply


Fill the joints with the appropriate Azpects jointing product.

Top Tip! This will provide extra strength and durability, as well as a smoother finish.

EASYClickBase - Finish

Independent Testing

The following surfaces were compared side-by-side using a Falling Weight Reflectometer:

  1. Pavers on EASYClickBase on 25mm of aggregate
  2. Pavers on EASYClickBase on 25mm of aggregate with tile cavities also filled
  3. Pavers on 150mm of compacted coarse aggregate (UK 2/6 - USA #9)
  4. Pavers on 300mm of compacted coarse aggregate (UK 14/20 - USA #57)

And the winner is...

EASYClickBase scored an equivalent Impulse Stiffness Modulus (ISM) to both traditional surfaces. With the cavities filled with aggregate it was stiffer than both!

EASYClickBase Independent testing