Protects stone from stains and discolouration

  • Repels spills, stains and dirt
  • Ideal for natural stone and concrete
  • Virtually invisible with no coating or shine
  • Water-based, non-solvent and non-toxic
  • Allows stone to breathe naturally
  • Impregnating sealer, apply second coat wet-on-wet
  • 5 litres seals up to 40m2 based on one coat, depending on surface porosity

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SSP is designed to penetrate, seal & protect natural stone and concrete paving.

Virtually invisible once applied, it allows the stone to "breathe" whilst protecting paving from all substances, such as cooking and engine oils, grease and fat, food, ketchup, mustard and beverages such as tea, coffee and wine. Ideal for protecting your paving against the excesses of the summer BBQ!

Suitable for internal as well as external use, SSP is water-based, thereby making it highly environmentally friendly.


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Installation Guide

Step 1. Sweep

Brush away leaves and debris.

Step 2. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 3. Apply

Apply a generous, even coat with a brush, roller, or garden sprayer. Mop up the excess to avoid pooling.

Top Tip! Coverage will vary dramatically according to the porosity of the paving. For example, porous stone coverage could be as little as 3m2 per litre, whereas denser material can achieve 8-10m2 per litre.

Step 4. Second Coat

For best results, apply a second coat before the first coat dries.

Step 5. Finish

Allow 8 hours before walking on the surface and 24 hours for the product to cure completely.



Once dry, the product is pet-safe.

Yes, surfaces need to be clean.

It is best to apply a sealer to a dry surface.