Water Seal Plus


Water Seal Plus

Water Seal Plus

Helps to dry out wet walls and increases thermal qualities

  • Revolutionary formula improves thermal properties of treated surface
  • Prevents water ingress to porous brickwork, masonry and timber, while allowing moisture to escape
  • Allows surface to dry and breathe
  • Suitable for wall and floor applications
  • Forms an invisible long-lasting barrier
  • 5 litres seals up to 25m2 based on one coat, depending on surface porosity

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Water Seal Plus is a high-performance water repellent for all porous building materials. The product can be applied to already damp surfaces, which will then, over time, dry out as the coating allows water to escape out and not penetrate in. In addition, water Seal Plus uses technology proven to increase Thermal Efficiency, reducing heating costs.

In addition to acting as a water-proofer, it provides a hard-wearing, invisible, protective seal against oil, stains, efflorescence, etc., on both horizontal and vertical surfaces with no long-term alteration of the colour of the substrate.

Water Seal Plus is recommended to treat walls, fountains, monuments, garden stones and paving, headstones, timber structures, fences and decks.

Installation Guide

Step 1. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 2. Apply

Apply a generous, even coat with a brush, roller, or garden sprayer.

Step 3. Second Coat

For more porous surfaces, whilst the surface is still damp, apply a second coat of Water Seal+.

Step 4. Finish

Allow the product to cure overnight. Optimum performance is reached after 2-3 days.



Once dry, the product is pet-safe.

Yes, surfaces need to be clean.

It is best to apply a sealer to a dry surface.