A high bond primer for use on natural stone and porcelain paving

  • Delivers a strong, long-lasting bond
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Easy to mix, use and clean away
  • Can be mixed in the tub
  • Contains 3 x 5kg bags for minimum waste
  • 15kg tub

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EASYPrime is a polymer modified cementitious slurry primer. It is an easy to apply high strength bonding agent for use when laying natural stone and porcelain paving. Ensures full and permanent contact is achieved with the aggregated mortar in the bedding layer. Suitable for application in domestic, commercial and public areas.

Coverage depends on the coated film depth and the porosity and texture of the rigid bound sub-base. As a guide, a single 5kg sachet of EASYPrime will cover a minimum of approximately 8.0 sq.mtr.


Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

Before you start - The supporting sub-base should be stable and free from the risk of movement or heave. Allow for adequate falls and drainage from the finished surface. Extra precautions may be necessary to ensure the area is prepared properly. Certain types of tile and stone paving may be unduly porous and hence prone to surface discolouration. Natural stone and porous, un-glazed tiles are particularly at risk from permanent discolouration. To avoid this always carry out a small trial test, applying freshly mixed EASYPrime to a spare tile to determine whether staining is likely.

EASYPrime - Mix

Step 1. Mix

Add 2ltr of clean, cold water to the tub. Slowly mix a 1x5kg sachet of EASYPrime into the water using a powered paddle. Continue to mix for 3-5 minutes, creating a smooth, lump-free slurry.

EASYPrime - Apply

Step 2. Apply

Apply EASYPrime to the back of the paving to a thickness of 1-2mm using a roller or brush

Top Tip! Leave an inch-wide gap around the edge for handling.

EASYPrime - Lay

Step 3. Lay

Whilst still wet, lay paving and level into the bedding mortar.

EASYPrime - Lay

Step 4. Store Unused Product

Keep the product sealed until use in dry, well ventilated conditions at ambient temperatures and away from all sources of damp. When kept in its original sealed state in a permanently dry environment, this product will retain a shelf life of up to 12 months from date of manufacture.



No, EASYPrime should be applied at the point of lay.

A roller or larger size paintbrush is best but you can also use a sponge.

Most natural stone benefits from being primed as it reduces the chance of any reflective staining from the bedding mortar.