EASYJoint Select


EASYJoint Select

EASYJoint Select EASYJoint Select EASYJoint Select

Solid colours and a smoother finish

  • Easy to use and faster than traditional methods.
  • Ready to use with no mixing required.
  • Wet the paving, brush in the compound, then strike the joints for a smooth finish. 
  • Unused product can be kept for future use.
  • For all joints of 3mm wide and over.
  • Perfect for natural stone and porcelain.

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Developed from our best-selling EASYJoint Original, EASYJoint Select is an all-year-round jointing compound developed especially for ceramic and porcelain paving. EASYJoint launched in 2010 and is a market leader, loved by landscape professionals and the DIY sector alike.

EASYJoint Select retains the sweep-in application method that made EASYJoint Original so popular, making it EASY to use and faster than traditional methods. Wet the paving, brush in the compound, then strike the joints for a perfect, professional finish every time. 


Overview Video

Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

EASYJoint Select - Before you start

Before you start

Joints must be at least 3mm wide and 20mm deep.

EASYJoint Select - Pre-soak

Step 1. Pre-soak

For natural stone paving, pre-soak.

EASYJoint Select - Pour

Step 2. Pour

Once the area is thoroughly soaked, cut open the bag and pour the EASYJoint Select onto the paving.

EASYJoint Select - Wet

Step 3. Wet

Wet the EASYJoint Select to create a slurry.

EASYJoint Select - Sweep

Step 4. Sweep

Sweep the compound into the joints whilst wetting it.

Make sure you work quickly and do not leave the EASYJoint Select in piles or in one spot.

Top Tip! It is easier to use EASYJoint Select with two people, one of them to sweep the compound and the other one to spray the water.

EASYJoint Select - Top-up

Step 5. Top-up

Use more EASYJoint Select to top up any areas and repeat the washing process as before.

Top Tip! In warmer weather, paving can dry quickly. Therefore, ensure paving is kept wet.

EASYJoint Select - Final rinse

Step 6. Final rinse

Apply a final rinse of water across the surface to wash off any EASYJoint Select residue and to aid the final compaction process.

Top Tip! Reduce wastage by saving any unused product by submerging it in 2 inches of water.

EASYJoint Select - Pointing

Step 7. Pointing

Finally, iron the joints to increase compaction and create a smooth finish.