EASYTileAlign EASYTileAlign EASYTileAlign

The quick and easy solution for ensuring a perfectly level patio.

Fit - Spin - Snap. EASYTileAlign is quick and convenient. It is suitable for traditional tile installation methods, or for use with Azpects revolutionary EASYClickBase system.

Smooth, Even Surface. EASYTileAlign ensures that a smooth, even surface is achieved on calibrated, ceramic, or porcelain tiles.

Easy to Use and Reusable. EASYTileAlign is an easy to use levelling system that incorporates a tile spacer and levelling cap, plus optional protective shields. After use, the screw caps and shields can be reused from job to job.

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EASYTileAlign gets a new look for 2023!

The popular tile levelling system is getting a new look with bright, attractive new colours. The new system is manufactured exclusively in the UK, and components, including the packaging, can be fully recycled. 2023 will also see the introduction of a new 7mm tile spacer, perfect for some natural stone paving and those who prefer a wider joint for aesthetic reasons.


New Colour


New Colour


New Colour


New Size

Products Available

Product Size
EASYTileAlign Levelling Caps 50pc
EASYTileAlign Spacer Posts (Blue) 150pc - 1/8" (3mm)
EASYTileAlign Spacer Posts (Yellow) 150pc - 3/16" (5mm)
EASYTileAlign Spacer Posts (Orange) 150pc - 1/4" (7mm)
EASYTileAlign Anti Friction Shields 100pc


Demonstration Video

Installation Guide

EASYTileAlign - Spacer

Step 1. Spacer

Insert threaded spacer posts beneath each exposed tile edge, ensuring direct contact between the spacer posts and tile, with no adhesive mortar in between. Spacer positions will vary depending on tile size.

EASYTileAlign - Install

Step 2. Install

Install the adjacent tile tightly against the already inserted spacer posts.

EASYTileAlign - Bed the tile

Step 3. Bed the tile

Slide the tile back and forth or use a rubber mallet to bed the tile into the adhesive/mortar while releasing trapped air underneath.

EASYTileAlign - Level

Step 4. Level

Spin the EASYTileAlign levelling cap on the spacer posts and tighten it to achieve a level surface across the joint.

Top Tip! For sensitive paving, use our Anti Friction shields to prevent scratching.

* Caps and shields can be reused.

EASYTileAlign - Removal

Step 5. Removal

After the mortar is cured, Loosen the caps and snap off spacers in the direction of the joint.



Leave the cap on, slightly loosen by half a turn then hit or kick the cap in the direction of the joint.

The different colours identify the spacer sizes.

The shields prevent the caps from marking slip resistant and smooth surfaces.

Use on any tile up to 35mm thick.

Yes, snapped spacers can be used as just spacers but not adjusters.

This is because the amount of lippage is too significant, and the force being exerted is too much..