EASY TileAlign


The quick and easy solution for ensuring a perfectly level patio.

EASY TileAlign is a quick and convenient solution to reduce tile lippage*. With delicate or polished tiles it is often necessary to adjust the height of the tiles to ensure a smooth, even surface is achieved.

EASY TileAlign is a simple-to-use levelling system that incorporates tile spacers, reusable levelling caps and optional anti-friction shields.

* Lippage is the vertical displacement between two adjacent tiles of a ceramic, glass or stone installation. Such displacement can lead to numerous problems including chipped edges, snagged furnishings or even trip hazards.

Demonstration Video



  • Easy, quick and convenient tile levelling system
  • Reduces tile "lippage" a.k.a. uneven tile heights
  • Suitable for most tile sizes
  • Adjusts the height to ensure an even surface
  • Creates accurate and even tile gaps
  • System incorporates tile spacers, reusable levelling caps and optional anti-friction shields

Brief usage instructions


  • Insert threaded spacer posts beneath each exposed tile edge, making sure there is direct contact between spacer post and tile with no adhesive or mortar in between. Position spacer posts to suit tile size.
  • Install the adjacent tile tightly against the already inserted spacer posts. Slide the tile back and forth or use a rubber mallet to bed the tile into the adhesive or mortar while releasing air trapped underneath.
  • Spin the levelling cap on the spacer post and tighten to achieve a level surface across the joint. On tiles with a polished surface use a protective shield (sold separately) to prevent scratching. After the mortar is cured, unspin the caps and snap off spacers in the direction of the joint. Caps and anti-friction shields can be reused.