Strong, quick and easy ground reinforcement grid for driveways and garden buildings

Quick and easy to install our permeable paving can be laid at approximately 100 m² per hour when delivered in 1m² sections on a pallet of 50m².

Also available is a retail pack sold in a 2m² that will require simple ‘locking’ into place. There are nine EASYGrids per m².

The EASYGrids for Shed Base form a stable surface for sheds/greenhouses and cabins.

The plastic paving can be filled with gravel or grass for a decorative finish which is permeable to water.

Strong and durable, the EASYGrid permeable paving system has been tested with a compression strength of up to 300 tonnes.

EASYGrid is Eco friendly - The Black Grid is 100% recycled.

Supports up to 397 tonnes per m² filled

Shed base, car space, roof garden and more!

Strong, lightweight and easy to install

Available in a handy 2m² Retail pack or by the metre² (50m² on a pallet)

EasyGrid Brochure

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Each tile measures 33cm x 33cm x 40mm deep. 9 tiles make 1 metre

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile interlocking base for sheds, greenhouses, cabins and driveway installation
  • Suitable for any areas needing ground or grass protection
  • Infill with gravel, sand, soil or grass
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight, slip resistant, crack proof, frost and UV resistant

Ground Reinforcement Grids Ideal for:

  • Grass, gravel and stone driveways
  • Car parks and overflow parking areas
  • Pathways and lanes
  • Caravan parks, camp and holiday sites
  • Equestrian and livestock purposes
  • Lawn and bank reinforcement
  • Emergency routes and access roads
  • Base for sheds, greenhouses and cabins
  • Helicopter pads

Ground Preparation/Installation Guide


Some excavation of the existing ground may be required to obtain a level surface. A suitable geotextile layer should be laid to increase ground stability and prevent particle migration. A suitable sub-base should be installed where necessary* before laying EASYGrid ensuring site drainage is adequate.

*Vehicular parking or thoroughfare, helipad etc.


Lay the pavers starting in the corner of the site. The lugs on the edge of the pavers should face the direction of installation. Offer the next panel in the same orientation so that the slots slide on to the lugs on the previous panel. Continue laying pavers in the desired direction, standing on the laid pavers when laying the next panel.

Where stone/gravel finish is required

A suitable geotextile should be laid on top of the sub-base to act as a separating layer/weed suppressant. The laid grid can be filled with your chosen aggregate.

Where a grassed finish is required

Fill the EASYGrid with topsoil. This can then be seeded or turfed. (turf may need compressing into the grid to maintain a level surface)

White delineators are available for marking out parking spaces or walkways.

Important: The performance of EASYGrid as a driveway or parking area is dependent on the quality of the sub-base installation. The ground under the grid must be able to withstand the forces put upon it. EASYGrid acts a ground stabiliser and gravel containment product. When installed correctly it will aid weight distribution and reduce rolling and rutting caused by vehicles.
EASYGrid is recyclable.