Sealer Remover


The EASY removal of old sealers from paving and driveways.

The removal of unsightly, tired, ineffective, peeling or bloomed sealers is a challenging prospect. Our ready to use application is a proven answer to this difficult problem. To achieve the required strength for effective removal, it is offered as a 5 litre container to be used straight from the bottle. After application and cleaning, the surface is immediately ready for a new installation of sealer.

It can also be used to remove varnish and paint from wood and metalwork. It is water based, Safe to use and low in odour. It is fast acting and easy to apply.

  • Removes protective coatings from stone and concrete
  • Water based - No acids
  • Safe to use - low in odour
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for removing lacquer and polymer-based sealants
  • Not suitable for impregnating sealers

Suitable for removing lacquer and polymer-based sealants. Not suitable for impregnating sealers

Sealer Remover



Features & Benefits

  • Removes lacquer & polymer-based sealants
  • Water based – no acids
  • Safe to use – low odour
  • Not suitable for impregnating sealers
  • Can be used as a paint/varnish stripper

Brief Usage Instructions

Application: Use neat as supplied

  • Shake the container well before use. Cover top with a cloth during opening to avoid splashes
  • Ensure surfaces to be stripped are dry before application
  • Protection should be provided for floor coatings, or any surface that may be damaged by Sealer Remover (perspex, plastics, rubber etc)
  • Keep pets away until the surface is fully washed clean and is dry
  1. Using a suitable brush, apply a generous, even coat at a rate of 1 - 1.5m2 per litre. IMPORTANT - DO NOT BRUSH OUT
  2. Leave for the appropriate time established by the test samples (as above). Do not shortcut the process - the coating needs to be thick and left for a sufficient time to have the desired effect
  3. After product has penetrated into the substrate, all the coating can be easily removed using a power washer. Alternatively, a stiff deck brush and running water can be used
  • Clean brushes and other equipment immediately after use with soapy water