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We offer unparallel customer service to both merchants and customers.


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EASYJoint is the UK's landscaping and building trades' favourite!



We won the Industry Excellence Award for our innovative approach in manufacturing and distribution.

5 reasons so many professionals choose Azpects

We make it EASY

Since 2009, we’ve had a simple mission – to produce products that make creating and maintaining hard landscaping EASY.

That’s why our revolutionary EASYJoint has become the UK’s top-selling jointing compound amongst landscaping and building professionals.

Our complete range of cleaning, sealing, repairing and establishment products deliver assured results in less time with less effort. That’s EASY!

Customer support

We’re here to help.

Our products are EASY to use with clear and simple instructions. However, should you need any advice or support, our dedicated customer care team are here to help you get the job done with fantastic results.

We’re for DIYers and gardeners too

Though we produce the products of choice for professional landscapers, our range is increasingly popular with DIYers, gardeners and homeowners too.

We never compromise on performance, which means every product is EASY to use and delivers outstanding and long-lasting results for everyone.

Quality and value

Professional landscapers know that every job needs to be done quickly and effectively to be profitable and to keep customers smiling.

We put quality first. Our complete range of products delivers assured results quicker with less effort - time after time. That’s EASY!


We never stop innovating.

Our product range continues to grow as we introduce new solutions for the challenges hard-working landscapers, builders and gardeners encounter.

We’re not afraid to push the boundaries too and have introduced innovative new methods and materials which make establishing and maintaining hard landscaping EASY.

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