Grass & Foliage Greener


Grass & Foliage Greener

Grass & Foliage Greener

An instant burst of green for grass, shrubs and hedges!

  • Quickly turns brown or dying foliage to natural green
  • Disguises unsightly patches on lawns and hedges
  • ‘Resin Loc’ technology provides long-lasting performance
  • Water-based and easy to apply
  • 750ml ready-to-use trigger spray

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Grass & Foliage Greener is a fast & effective means to cover over dead or patchy lawn areas or hedging; this high-performance reviver will give the appearance of living foliage & grass. The unique ‘Resin Loc’ technology offers long-lasting performance & is Easy to use with a low odour. Grass & Foliage Greener is a water based & biodegradable and ideal to camouflage unsightly brown patches.

Installation Guide

Step 1. Shake

Shake well before use.

Step 2. Test

Test on a small, hidden patch to check compatibility.

Step 3. Apply

Apply a generous, even coat to a dry surface.

Step 4. Wait

Ensure the area is completely dry before use.

Step 5. Finish

Remove and rinse the spray nozzle and tube after use.



Surfaces should be dry to maximise the products effectiveness.

Usually dry between 1-3 hours

Areas are deemed to be pet-safe once the product has dried. Ingestion is not recommended.

This is due to the coverage of the product over lighter areas. Simply apply more product to darken the shade of colour.