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Advice for using EASYJoint in colder conditions

Here is our guide to using EASYJoint and EASYGrout in colder conditions


EASYJoint can be used in cold conditions, including just below freezing, provided there is no ice in the joints and the temperatures is rising above freezing.

EASYJoint will take longer to cure in very cold conditions, but it will cure eventually. If you must install in cold conditions, you can use EASYJoint as a dry mix (without water) if the temperature is below 3 degrees Celsius and rising. If the temperature is below 3 degrees Celsius and falling, wait for conditions to improve.

When applying without water, the risk of residue staining is much higher, so apply EASYJoint directly to the joints and strike the joints to aid compaction. Avoid spreading EASYJoint across the surface of the pavement when applying as a dry mix. 

It is best practice to ensure that ground temperatures are greater than 3 degrees Celsius and use plenty of water during EASYJoint installation.


EASYGrout is not suitable for use in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. 


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