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EASYCare Minis - Small Bottles with a BIG Impact

Small Bottle, BIG Impact" encapsulates the essence of our latest addition to the EASYCare range

Small Bottle, BIG Impact" encapsulates the essence of our latest addition to the EASYCare range. Each 150ml bottle of EASYCare Mini's is highly concentrated and capable of making up to 3 litres of product, delivering a substantial punch despite its compact size. Designed for uncomplicated use, the EASYCare Mini range can be effortlessly added to a watering can or garden sprayer, offering customers a practical and easy-to-use solution for various garden care needs.

EASYCare Mini's are the company’s environmentally conscious response to the increasing demands for sustainable products. Their smaller packaging reduces waste, and their re-usable instore cardboard display unit can be simply refilled as needed. These measures have the added benefit of reducing shipping costs and lowering the carbon footprint, ensuring Azpects remains at the forefront of sustainable gardening product suppliers.

The new range includes four products, each offering a distinct set of benefits:

Algae Cleaner – Designed to rapidly eliminate algae, lichen, and mould from all kinds of hard surfaces. A perfect solution for garden enthusiasts wanting to refresh their outdoor areas.

Deck Cleaner – Formulated to quickly eradicate dirt and grime from decking, fences, and sheds. Enjoy a renewed appearance and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Exterior Fabric Cleaner – Ideal for clearing grime and mildew from cushions, covers, and parasols. Leave your fabric-based items looking clean and feeling fresh.

Patio Cleaner – Expertly designed to efficiently remove dirt and grime from patios, paths, and driveways. Revitalise your outdoor spaces and enjoy the satisfaction of spotless exteriors.

Rebecca Cox, National Account Manager Retail Division for Azpects commented

"The highly concentrated formula enables more efficient packaging and shipping, a reduced carbon footprint and a more attractive price point for consumers.

Our little products go a long way; each bottle makes up to 3 litres of cleaning solution and covers up to 20m2. The new range offers great value for money and will help retailers increase their cleaning sales"

To place an order, contact Rebecca at r.cox@azpects.co.uk


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