EASYAdhesive EASYAdhesive EASYAdhesive

Specially formulated modified sealer adhesive for bonding and sealing

Long Lasting. EASYAdhesive retains elasticity, maximum movement capacity of 25%.

Versatile For Inside and Outside Applications. Excellent working and adhesion properties on many surfaces, even moist ones, without primer.

Easy to Use. Simply glue, seal and install practically anything with a single product.

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Products Available

Product Size
EASYAdhesive-SA 290ml White
EASYAdhesiveECB 400ml Grey


Yes, EASYAdhesive is a fungicidal sealant for units with plumbing fixtures, sanitary spaces and cold storage units.

Yes, get good adhesion and installation of mirrors and decorative panels without staining.

Yes, it is suitable for sticking to most building materials.

Not suitable for PE, PP, PC, PMMA, PTFE, soft plastic, neoprene or bituminous surfaces.

After skin formation, EASYAdhesive offers optimal paintability with emulsion paints. However, synthetic paint systems may dry slowly. For best results, we recommend lightly sanding the adhesive and adjacent parts with a Scotch pad, then thorough degreasing before painting.

No, EASYAdhesive should not be used under water although it will stick where surfaces are damp.

EASYAdhesive in cartridges comes in white, but the foil ECB Adhesive is grey.

MS polymer adhesives are made up of a hybrid polymer called modified silane.

Yes, you can. EASYAdhesive will stick to most surfaces.

If stored correctly, the product could remain usable for up to 12 months.

Installation Guide

Step 1

Application temperature (ambient and surface) between +5°C and +40°C.

Step 2

Use a suitable brush to remove any loose particles from the surface.

Step 3

Properly degrease surfaces.

Step 4

Highly porous surfaces and non-porous surfaces with minimal bonding should be treated with a suitable primer.